Holly Thanks Lions for Donation Towards ‘Amazing’ Trip to Tanzania

Henley Lions were delighted to make a donation towards Holly Harrison’s recent volunteer trip to Tanzania for three months.

Holly, aged 17 who lives in Henley was awarded a young person’s sponsorship volunteering with Raleigh International through the International Citizen Service.  Holly approached the Lions in February 2017 and they gave her £150 towards her trip.

On returning Holly said, “I stayed in a village called Mibikimitali (meaning the village of tall trees) in the Iringa region in central Tanzania with a family who spoke no English. We had no electricity or running water and the simple way of life taught me many things, particularly the appreciation I have for my life here now.”

Holly with the help of other volunteers ran an entrepreneurship programme in the village for anyone who wanted free education (most people in the village only have a primary school education).  At the end of the course some of the entrepreneurs were able to obtain grants from Raleigh to set up their businesses at the end of the course.  Afterwards, eight new businesses were set up in the village including a fruit and vegetable shop (there was no fruit available to buy in the village before this), a bicycle repair shop and a tailors.

Holly added, “I’d like to say a huge thank you to Henley Lions for making it possible for me to take part in this amazing programme. It has definitely changed my out look on life and I am so grateful for the opportunity.”

David Murray, Secretary at Henley Lions said, “Henley Lions are very pleased to have been able to help Holly and are even more pleased to learn about what she was able to do through the International Citizen Service.  She certainly sounds to have gained a lot from her experience.”