Henley Army Cadets Woodland Operations


Henley Army Cadets have just returned from their Weekend Field exercise at Piddington in Bicester. The 35 Cadets from Henley Detachment were tested on their skills and drills in the field over 48 hours which meant they had to be self sufficient and work as a team to undertake taskings and defend their harbour area.

The Army Cadets were issued with weapons and full kit to last them for the weekend; received a detailed brief on the weekends missions and set off to locate a safe harbour area. Their first mission was to stalk towards an enemy position to create a range card – a detailed and important piece of reconnaissance used to build the battle picture. Utilising these range cards, they were able to locate and flush out the enemy positions throughout the afternoon. The evening and night consisted of sentry duties to ensure that the occupants were safe; however, they came under constant attack throughout the ight which required them to use their rifle training to fight back the attackers. On Sunday morning they rose to locate the final enemy and flush them out of Piddington training area.

Overall Detachment Commander Lt Fearn was extremely pleased with the cadets level’s of tactics and commended them on their hard work and focus throughout the exercise.

Cadet Rebecca White from Henley Detachment said: “This was the first blank firing exercise we have done, and it was so fun.”

The Army Cadet Force is a national youth organisation sponsored and supported by the Ministry of Defence for 12 to 18 year olds, Army Cadets provides a challenging and varied syllabus based on military themes. Henley Army Cadet Force parade every Wednesday from 1900 to 2130 at The Drill Hall on Friday Street and are currently looking for new Cadets and Adult Volunteers, feel free to come along and experience something new. For more information please email Detachment Commander Lt Thomas Fearn on 3875fear@armymail.mod.uk