Regatta Fireworks at Risk – Urgent Donations Needed

The organisers of this year’s firework display on the Saturday of the Royal Regatta say the event is in danger unless more funds are forthcoming.

A total of £12,000 is need to ensure the display goes ahead and so far only a half has been raised.

The event dates back well over 100 years and sees hundreds of people flock to Henley bridge to watch the show, which can also be seen by almost the entire population of Henley from their bedroom windows.

Richard Reed who, together with town Councillor Will Hamilton, is attempting to raise the money,  said: “Every year it gets harder to raise the cash needed and this year is has been harder than ever. It would be a great shame if we had to cancel the display.”

“My 97-year-old mother told me she remembered seeing the fireworks when she was a young girl and has begged us to do all we can to ensure this great Henley tradition continues.”

“However, unless the people and businesses of the town can’t support us there is a real chance we will have to cancel the event.”

Donations to the Henley Fireworks Fund can be made via BACS to Lloyds Bank. Sort code: 30 80 54. Account number: 18827960.

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  1. DAS-1 says:

    I am a resident who might be able to give a few pounds but not enough to shift the balance as I will be attending the festival for the following week. Why is Henley Regatta not paying for this With their business contacts, private facilities and other contacts why can’t they pay as it is part of the regatta celebrations?


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