Warning Con Artists in Waitrose Car Park

A report of two men who took two contactless cards from a handbag in a boot was posted on Henley Past & Present Facebook page after convincing an elderly lady that there was something hanging down from the back of her car.

The lady was stopped by two men in a 4×4 car in the Waitrose/Kings Road car park on Monday (11 June) between 1.30-2.00pm.  After saying there was something hanging down at the back of the car, which unfortunately the lady agreed there was one of the men said it could be something dangerous to drive with and they could fix it if she restarted the car.  The boot was lifted as the lady started and stopped the engine.  On arriving home, she discovered that the two of her contactless cards were missing from her handbag.

The lady’s friend posted, “It seems as if they are looking out for elderly shoppers who put their handbags in the boot with their shopping.  Please take care out there.”

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