Dads, Dancing Dudes and Dogs Dig It at Harpsden Fete

Harpsden Fete saw Dads, dancing dudes and dogs all enjoying Father’s Day on Sunday.

Many of the Dads were seen having a go at the circus toys with Oojamaflip Circus, bringing smiles to both Dad’s and their children’s faces.

The fete opened with the popular fun dog show, judged by Sally Birkett this year.  This year’s categories saw awards for Handsomest Hound, Prettiest Pouch, Over 7s and Under 7s plus a game of traffic lights where the dogs had to sit as soon as the colour board changed. Prizes for the dog show were donated by Henley Pet Shop and the winners were:

Handsomest Hound – Watson owned by Millie Phillips
Prettiest Pouch – Luna owned by Noah Allen
Over 7 – Lemon owned by Tracey Allen
Under 7 – Barley owned by Georgie Pike
Traffic Lights – Rocco owned by Ollie Leeman

There were all the loved Harpsden Fete traditional stalls back again like hoopla, tombola, lucky dip, coconut shy, skittles, books, cakes etc. as well as pony rides provided by Learn with Smartie and a big bouncy slide.

In the main ring, there were performances by Steph Maxwell’s Dancing Divas and Dudes academy with children as young as four performing followed by a great music provided by singing duo The Loops.

The fete ended with traditional running races and a tug of war contest (see below for list of race winners and runners-up).

Jane Burtt, one of the organisers said, “Excellent fete with a tremendous atmosphere created in part by fabulous singing duo ‘The Loops’, dogs and dancers and more children than ever. Highlight always the races and tug of war, rather a feat separating 100 youngsters in height order for team selection! Too many wonderful people to mention, they all pulled together to raise over £5,000 on the field which will benefit village organisations and Benevolent Fund of Royal British Legion.”

12 year olds

  1. James Edgell
  2. Baz Barrett

11 year olds Girls

  1. Zahra Beagin
  2. Jess Robinson
  3. Lilia Dix

9 year olds Boys

  1. Charlie Edgell
  2. David Stobie
  3. Charlie Ward

8 year olds Girls

  1. Holly Maxwell
  2. Juno Taylor
  3. Eliana Artherton

8 year olds Boys

  1. Pedro Newman
  2. Joshua Joao
  3. Oscar Dix

7 year olds Boys

  1. Freddie Bertorioli-Smith
  2. Harry Blackwell
  3. Theo Hendry / Berty Caplan (Joint third)

7 year olds Girls

  1. Isabella Lloyd
  2. Jaz Smithers
  3. Scarlett Jones

6 year olds Girls

  1. Isabelle Stobie
  2. Abbey
  3. Lotty Clarke

6 year olds Boys

  1. Archie Gamner
  2. Josh Ward
  3. Ethan Savoy

5 year olds

  1. Romy Draper
  2. Orson Taylor
  3. Amelia Joao

4 year olds Girls

  1. Ella Buchamhedges
  2. Poppy Sheppard
  3. Matilda Friend

4 year olds Boys

  1. Sebastian Sheldon
  2. William Lamacraft
  3. Keith Jones

3 year olds

  1. Isabella de Savoye
  2. Edward Robinson
  3. Jessica Caplan

2 year olds

  1. Avani Knight
  2. Freya Luijten

Father’s Race

  1. Dan Jones
  2. Dimas Perkasa

Mother’s Race

  1. Sarah Stobie
  2. Andrea Lamacraft
  3. Liz Christie