Scouts Achieve Top Scout Gold Award

After years of challenges, teamwork and leadership skills, extraordinary activities and helping within the local community Ailish James and Joe Selvester two patrol leaders from 1st Henley-on- Thames Scouts were presented with recent presented with the the top Scout award, The Chief Scouts Gold Award.

With their families, they travelled  to Youlbury Scout Activity Centre where they spent the afternoon swinging in the trees on the high aerial walkway before being presented with their awards by UK Scouts Commissioner and The Lord Lieutenant of Oxfordshire joining other Scouts, Cubs and Beavers who were all there to receive very special awards too.

These are Joe’s words about the day….

“We have camped over 10 nights, and hiked for miles, lit many fires in many different ways,  burnt both our food and ourselves (only a little bit!), painted hundreds of pieces of paper and picked up lots of people’s litter, and too many other creative and adventurous things to remember – and finally Alish James and I (Joe Selvester) have achieved the highest award that can be achieved by a Scout: The Chief Scouts Gold Award. We would like to thank all the voluntary scout leaders, who should take credit for all the amazing things they’ve done to help us both in the scout hut and outside, we couldn’t have done it without them.”

At Scouts children have opportunities to learn skills for life, to help them experience activities, challenges and give them the confidence to try new things that they may not ordinarily get the chance to do otherwise for example a select group of patrol leaders went gliding recently and they’ve been geocaching, climbing and even scuba diving!!

Scout Leader Linda Cookson said, “All of the leaders give their time voluntarily it can be a very rewarding thing to do unfortunately Henley does not have an explorers group for Scouts to move on to when they are old enough and the nearest groups are either full or too far away.

We are currently looking into introducing an Explorers section to our family but we need leaders to help support these young adults in their next step . Do you have the time spare?, are you someone needing a new challenge yourself that helps the local community and shape young peoples lives ? Or do you have a child wanting to join us?”

For any further information please do email, where you will be forwarded to someone with more information.


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