Have Your Say – Inappropriate Paperchase Products in Window?

Update 22 July

These products have now been removed from the Henley shop window.


Paperchase stationery products are renowned for their bright colours and cute designs many aimed at young children including my eight-year-old daughter who loves to spend her pocket money in there.

On passing the Paperchase shop on Duke Street this week I was quite amazed to see the above products on display in the window.

Having a ‘Your Pen is Huge’ pen above a ‘Size Matters’ ruler in colours and style that undoubtedly would attract a younger eye seems a step too far with its connotations.

Is this acceptable to be in a window display?  Maybe a young kid won’t understand the double entendre but why risk it?

Is it acceptable anyway?

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  1. Wireless Waffler says:

    In the days of I’m Sorry I’ll read that again double entendre worked in two ways. Adults laughed at the double meaning and children didn’t get that, not laughed at something else. I doubt if children will read it

  2. J says:

    It is totally acceptable. It’s just the same as children’s films having adult jokes that go way go over their heads.
    I think this is an overreaction. Lighten up.

  3. Janette Mooney Nyangiti says:

    Totally inappropriate! Remove from the window and sale. Who are these aimed at? Not amusing and in fact sexist.


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