Gillots School Summer Concert Raises the Roof!

Gillots School Music Department presented their Summer Concert last week co-ordinated by Frances David, Head of Music.

The audience, which included pupils, families, as well as John Howell MP and Mayor of Henley, Councillor Glen Lambert were presented with a lively and diverse evening of high quality musical performances from groups, duets and solo artists.

Lauren Leach-Scrivens who has been playing the piano for seven years, and recently has started composing her own songs started off the evening in style with a improvised Jazz piece on the piano.

Ellie Whittle and Lauren Perks performed  Viva La Vida (Coldplay). Ellie and Lauren have been performing together for some time now and recently sang at the Henley Youth Festival.  Brave  Georg Gudjohnsen made his first public solo performance, passionately singing Mercy by Shawn Mendes.

Other performers included Jessica Dippenaar, Anna D’Souza, The Chamber group, Gillots Voices, amongst others.

Frances David commented afterwards, “The concert was a huge success, perhaps even more so than we could have imagined it would be! The quality of performances this year were truly magnificent and we are sure it is our best Summer Concert to date. We were so pleased that we could give so many clearly talented musicians an opportunity to showcase their gifts and the audience were able to watch a varied repertoire and thoroughly enjoy the evening.

I am very proud of the students, their courage to perform, the talent they have, the commitment they have shown and the fact that as a department, we are going from strength to strength. I am already looking forward to all the events we’ve got lined up next term as I know they’ll continue to impress audiences as they still will still improve and flourish as performers.”



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