British Legion Members Complete the Nijmegen Marches

Four members of the Henley Branch of the Royal British Legion completed the Nijmegen marches last month.

Along with 47,000 others, they walked for 4 days to raise money for the Poppy Appeal. The walk, known as the “Walk of the World”, is held in Nijmegen, Holland and the entrants choose a distance of 40km or 30 km per day. This was the 102nd time the event has been held and it attracts walkers from dozens of countries including USA and Canada as well as most European countries.

The four members of the Legion were John Green, Chairman of the local Branch, and Stan Ainsley, who walked 40km per day and Ania Koznieski and Judith Phelan who completed 30km per day. This was the third year that John and Stan completed the walk and on the evening of day 2, despite the tiredness, John celebrated his 83rd birthday in style.

If you wish to support the Poppy Appeal please go to Judith Phelan’s just-giving page