6 Perfect Budget Summer Getaway Ideas

Summer is quickly winding down, but there is still plenty of time to do some exploring in the UK. The best thing about trips and getaways is if you can engage yourself and your family without breaking the bank. Lucky for you, there is plenty for you to do at almost no cost at all whether you are in a group or alone.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing and quiet weekend or you are into breaking a little sweat, there is something for you. Here is a list of some great ideas on what you can do for the remaining summer holiday.

1.Windsor Castle

If you have never visited any castle, then you should start with this one. The Windsor is famous for the fact that it is the home of the Queen, so it is as magnificent as needs to be. It is usually a lot less crowded than many of the other castles around the UK. As a result, you are likely to have a better chance to view the castle and take incredible pictures.

You can also visit the Windsor Great Park which is a historical garden full of gorgeous plants, flowers, and birds. It costs only £10 for adults, and it is free for children up to 16 years old. It is open daily from nine to six in the evening. You can explore the extensive gardens and even visit the cafes for the ultimate royal experience.

2. Galloway Forest, Scotland

If you are a fan of some proper camping, then you may want to try out Galloway Forest in Scotland. You are allowed to camp in the wild since there are no designated campsites. You get the authentic wild experience.

It is well known as a dark sky reserve, so you are in for a treat at night when the sky transforms into a beautiful masterpiece. If you love studying stars, then the camping experience will be very fulfilling for you. It is free to camp, so all you need is to get there with your camping gear. It can make an exciting getaway from the busy city life or a place to bond with friends and family.

3. Arthur’s Seat

Located in Edinburgh, Arthur’s seat is a part of the extinct volcano which is popular with hikers. It is the highest point in the series of hills that create Holyrood Park. If you are a lover of hiking and incredible scenery, then you should try this place out.

The hike takes an average of two hours, and it is relatively easy for most people, so it is suitable for kids that are not too young. You will need proper hiking shoes and some warm clothing in case it gets chilly. From the top, you can take amazing photos that will make your social media pages very colourful.

4. Robin Hood’s Bay

This is another excellent destination for a relaxed time since it is at the beach. You have the chance to walk barefoot in the sand and feel the cooling water under you. There is a lot to do at the bay from attending concerts to enjoying the best fish and chips and a variety of water sports. If you want an even more relaxed feel, you can take a walk or ride in the countryside interacting with the locals and learning more about the area.

There are plenty of accommodation options in the villages from cute cottages to bed and breakfasts, all at very affordable prices. Enjoy your weekend discovering the many secret passages before heading out to the beach.

5. Thorpe Lakes

It is an aqua park that is perfect to get everyone up and moving. While at the park, you get to engage in various water-based activities such as water ski and wakeboard. It is perfect to visit as a group for the most fun.

It is also quite affordable costing £15 per person per hour. The cost also includes hiring a wetsuit that you will need. Get a significant discount from these Groupon deals. It is a perfect place to visit on hot summer days. Not only will you get cooled down, but you get to have so much fun.

6.“Bikepacking” and Camping

“Bikepacking” refers to the act of exploring while on your bike. You get to follow riding trails over long distances and camp wherever you want for the night. You have the freedom to take your bike wherever you want both on and off the road into the wild.

A great place to start this adventure with friends is the Lake District where you can start wherever you want and follow your path for whatever number of days you want.  The best part about this is that it is free, so all you need is your bike and camping supplies. It is an excellent option if you are looking to get lost in the wild by going completely off the grid.

When exploring on a low budget, it is best to let your imagination run wild and free to have the most fun. Try out new and what may seem like crazy things and you can be sure that you will have the best time of your life.