Tubbies Diner Broken Into

Tubbies Diner at Henley train station was broken into over the weekend between 7pm on Saturday (11 August) and 7am on Sunday (12 August).

Jason and Courtney Probets who own the cafe were informed of the break-in by their window cleaner on Sunday morning.

Courtney said, “It looks like they crowbarred the door open – pulling the locking mechanism out and bending the lock. The door is also completely buckled and the glass is all cracked. They took the tips pot which had about £30 in and some drinks from the fridge but left this open so it burnt out and we will have to buy a new one now as well. We don’t know the total cost as we are waiting for the glazier to come out but we had to call the emergency locksmith out and this alone has cost us £400 and a new drinks fridge will be about £600-£700.”

Courtney and Jason are hoping that the culprits have been caught on CCTV cameras which are located on Hallmark House next to the diner.

If you have any information about this crime, please call the Police on 101.

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