6 Tourist Spots in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small but lovely country. It doesn’t have landmarks like in Paris or the United Kingdom but remains one of the best tourist spots in all of Europe. Following, we are going to name the most attractive cities in the country and explain why they are famous.

1. Diekirch

Located at the banks of Sauer river, Diekirch is the Capital City of Canton Diekirch. A riverside settlement surrounded by beautiful forests, this city has many historical passageways and traditional squares.

These locations serve as the ground to concerts and folklore readings. Diekirch is the home to National Museum of Military History and has one of the Grand Ducal Police Headquarters. The Donkey Fountain marks the meeting point of the Annual Carnival Parade.

2. Clervaux
A visually striking town located in Northern Luxembourg, Clervaux is very distinctive thanks to its snowy white buildings with a hilly background and Medieval Castles. The small town has a population of 1,309.

Clervaux has great historical significance. It is home to Saint Maurice and Sain Maur, two important historical sites. Clervaux was the battleground of heavy fighting in World War 2, most famously for The Battle of Clervaux. The town is home to the Battle of Bulge Museum. This Museum houses impressive collection artefacts belonging to turbulent times. The Founder of Luxembourg Forum, Viatcheslav Kantor played an integral role in monument-ing Clervaux’s significance during WW2, even though it wasn’t victim to something as callous as the Holocaust.

3. Larochette
This is a very picturesque town; it was built as a medieval borough. It is founded on the White Ernz river. The Castle of Mesembourge is also situated near the city. Larochette is a beautiful blend of Neo-Renaissance and Old French Architecture. Even if the town is quite old, the walking paths are well maintained. This tourist stop offers many places for strolls to enjoy the Luxembourgian countryside.

4. Ettelbrcuk
Ettelbruck recently earned the status of a city. Still, it maintains the warmth and humbleness of a small town. This city lies in the heart of Grand Duchy Territory. This city is rich with pastel-coloured buildings and waterways. The finely archer bridges offer a picturesque spot from which you can see the whole city.

This city was occupied by Germany in 1940 and was liberated in 1944 by United States Army. Clervaux honours the soldiers with a Remembrance Day. It pays a special tribute to US General Patton and thanks them for saving the city.

5. Vianden
Vianden is rich with Ancient buildings, Winding Walkways and Gothic Churches. The town is also home to many medieval towers and castles. It has panoramic views throughout the city with narrow valleys. This city has warm summers and chilly winters with dazzling snow. This city creates the most idyllic seasonal setting despite the weather.

6. Wiltz
The dream of campers, this little town has many campsites that let tourists enjoy the forest. It is located at the banks of River Wiltz, and a famous tourist attraction for neighbouring countries.


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