Racing Pigeon Runs Out of Steam and Takes Wrong Turn to Henley

Racing pigeon GB18 got rather lost and exhausted after leaving Nottinghamshire on his way to Romford and ended up landing on the window ledge of a house in Lovell Close in Henley on Friday.

Lindsay McLoughlin whose window ledge it landed on said, “After finding the pigeon, I joined a Facebook group to find out what to do re lost homing pigeons. Got a great response immediately. I left water and uncooked rice out for him, as per instructions and withdrew after 48 hours.  The advice I got was that he is utterly exhausted and that he was flown out but perhaps after giving the bird peas and water he would hopefully have enough strength to fly home.”

Lindsay’s neighbour Peta Duncan read about Lindsay’s pigeon on her Facebook page and came over to help on Sunday.  Her Uncle kept homing pigeons.  Lindsay commented, “Peta was the perfect person to to come and pick up the bird without hurting it and scaring it.  We could then see the tags on the bird’s legs, one of which had the owner’s telephone number on it.  I thought Peta would be better too at keeping the bird safe.”

The owner, Roy came to collect the pigeon from Peta on Monday.  She said, “Roy said he had been lost for 8 days. He ate like a little piggy when his food was put before him.  He’s 4 months old and this was his one of his first races. The owner has about 240 birds and he was really pleased to have this one back – he says it’s one that he’s got high hopes for.”

Lindsay added, “It was a charming experience and I learned so much about the homing pigeon experience and community. I was just sorry I did not recognise it for the special athlete he is for several days! Let’s hope it’s navigation skills improve! Luckily Peta knew what she was doing! What a great neighbour to have!”



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