Herald Submits Proposal for Henley Outdoor Pool to Council

The Henley Herald has been researching outdoor swimming pools in the local area after running a Facebook Poll in July for 1 week which saw 1,500 votes on the question “Would you like to see an outdoor swimming pool and kids splash pool in Henley?” with the result 93% Yes and 7% No.

A proposal outlining the vision, objectives, specification, possible locations, management and funding has been submitted to Henley Town Council and will be discussed at the Recreations & Amenities Committee Meeting tomorrow (Tuesday 11 September) starting at 7.30pm at Henley Town Hall.

The document can be downloaded here.

We would welcome the support of the public at this meeting and hope that this proposal will be considered seriously by the Councillors.  If you are unable to attend the meeting, please leave your comments below (both for and against) so that we can show these to Council members.

The recommendation from the meeting will be published on Wednesday.

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  1. Kirsty says:

    A swimming pool and children’s splash area would be truly welcomed by all in our house. I’ve been asking the council for a splash park since my daughter was born in 2008. It would bring people in to Henley, positively increase foot fall and potentially restore some heart to our beloved HOT!

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  2. Shirley Westcar-Kebby says:

    Yes an outdoor pool for use all the year round swimming is an excellent idea and I support it 100%!! It assists everyone (young and old) to keep fit and get plenty of fresh air. It would be well used for sure. Yes please!! The sooner the better!!

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