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I’ve wanted to write about food for as long as I’ve been eating it, no seriously! I can remember writing menus out as a child and grading my mother’s cooking!  What I want to do here is to share with you my love, and it is a love, of food (yes it truly does satisfy my soul!).

I realise this goes deep down, it does for all of us. Memories of food, meal times, that first taste of a new flavour, be it ice-cream. snails or beetroot, all evoke huge emotions in us. It is central to our lives and so often is what binds us to others. I found myself reminiscing in my latest blog about the ice lollies of my youth (that is a whole article in itself, maybe we’ll do that here). It sparked such magnificent memories of long hot summers and days that lasted forever. Food is central to our lives and here in this wonderful corner of England that importance is displayed in sumptuous terms by many of our awe inspiring local food producers and retailers. It is this wealth of resplendent abundance that I want to highlight in my new blog. We will look at these wonderful producers, check in with them to see what is available across the seasons and then rustle up a (hopefully) tempting treat or two. I also have a blog site which I update weekly with recipes from my kitchen and the occasional one from somebody else’s kitchen (they always come with a musical accompaniment!) which you can find at

As James Joyce once said “Though their life was modest, they believed in eating well.” I second that emotion!

​Oh yes, about me.. Primary School teacher, husband, father, ukulele player, Trustee of the very unique Henley Youth Festival. Think that’s enough…

Peter Moody


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