Overwhelming Unanimous Vote for Outdoor Pool Working Group to be Formed

At the Recreations & Amenities Committee Henley Town Council Meeting, Council members voted unanimously that, after reading the proposal document submitted by the Henley Herald to build an outdoor swimming pool in Henley, a working group should be formed to investigate further.

Many residents showed their support at the meeting including Lucie Thaxter, Charlie Hall, Kris Samyui-Adams, Stefan Gogker, Charlene Brown, Mike Tretheway (former Henley Rugby Club Chair), Anthony Duckett who offered his architect experience from drawing plans for a previous SODC leisure centre, plus Eva Rickett and Laura Reineke who are members of the Henley Open Water Swimming Club.

Laura Reineke emphasised the demand for outdoor swimming pools by saying that “Today the BBC have said that there have been over 30,000 visitors to the refurbished Abingdon Pool.”

Chair, Councillor Kellie Hinton, after voting ‘No’ on the original Facebook Poll that was run in July said, “This is probably the first time I’ve changed my mind on something at the Council. Because I don’t want this to lose its momentum and we don’t want to be talking about this in 3 years time, I think a working group will ensure that this happens.”

Michaela Clarke, Editor of the Herald, thanked everyone for their support and added “I think the residents would like to see some of Council’s £4m money in the bank (raised from land sale at the Tesco site in the 1990s) be used and we’re always being compared to Marlow and this is something they don’t have!”

Councillor David Nimmo Smith replied saying “I always said that I’d personally like to have a real legacy from the sale of the Tesco land.”

Councillor Samantha Evans proposed that the working group should be formed and our Editor Michaela Clarke accepted the invitation to form the working group with two Councillor representatives, Councillor Laurence Plant and Councillor Glen Lambert.

The working group will now start looking at the viability of possible locations, funding, financial viability, management and operations etc.

If you are interested in becoming part of the working group, please email us at news@henleyherald.com 


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