Have Your Say – Ban HGVs from Henley Bridge

A week last Monday lunch time I took this photo of a large Waitrose delivery lorry trying to turn behind Henley Town Hall and having to eventually reverse up West Street bringing the traffic to a stand still.

I think this was probably a genuine mistake by the driver who was trying to deliver to Waitrose but perhaps he needs a new sat nav?!

However I think it is time that Oxfordshire County Council introduces a weight limit restriction for Henley bridge like Marlow to stop heavy lorries coming over our grade 1 listed bridge which has been damaged enough by boats.  I know that this is the pot calling the kettle but this more serious than my fairy lights!

The lorries should be redirected to come into the town via the Reading Road and Fairmile only. Deliveries should also be restricted to either early or late morning not at a busy lunch time.

With technology these days with vehicle number plate recognition this is surely easy to police too.

I’m really concerned about the quality of life for the Henley residents with the pollution the HGVs add and the protecting our wonderful grade 1 listed bridge.

Clive Hemsley




  1. David Dickie says:

    Pollution mainly from Diesel causes many health problems especially with asthma in children. This month’s research publications showed strong linksof partulates to dementia and was also have been found in women’s placenta. I agree make sure you know what you wish for! Smaller electric vans, cheaper to run is my choice.

  2. Cllr. Will Hamilton says:

    Thanks Clive for your point of view. The solution is to displace through HGV traffic at Burchetts Green back on to the Marlow bypass. No HGVs 7.5t+ or 15t+ would be allowed over Henley bridge except for access within the town. I have long called for the HGV Lorry routes signs to be replaced there. This would reduce the weight of traffic on White Hill and ease it for daily shoppers and commuters alike. It would also then allow us to remove the traffic furniture at the end of the bridge.

  3. Rick Graham says:

    This is a pretty daft idea- especially as the cause of the fuss is behind the town hall- ban them from West Street, maybe!??
    All you’re going to do is shift the problem into someone else’s backyard.
    Looking at the state of the traffic along Reading Road early this afternoon, it’ll really help sending them along there!
    This scenario doesn’t happen a lot, and I think it’s a sledgehammer to crack a nut.
    Getting the traffic lights sorted out would be a better use of the councils’ money, and stopping the phase for non-existent pedestrians, would help!………….

  4. Martin Hoare says:

    Is there any evidence that the bridge is unable to bear, or is unsafe for, the loads it carries as I have not seen a weight limit sign. The HGV in the photograph was stuck because of illegal parking by car drivers, not because the HGV driver did anything wrong.


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