What Does Neighbourhood Watch Mean To You?

If you travel around Henley, certain streets and areas are marked with Neighbourhood Watch signs.  Neighbourhood Watch has been running in the UK since 1982 and there are a number of groups in various forms across Henley.  For example, the Wootton Manor group has well over 100 members out of 200 houses across 5 streets, who are alerted to local crime issues and warnings of how to keep safe in a world of doorstep callers, telephone scammers, and online fraud.   However, coverage varies and we’re keen to extend it.

Any individual resident may sign up to the Thames Valley Alert scheme, but local group feedback is that having a community hub to share this and other information can be helpful.  Our co-ordinators are not net-curtain twitchers but the type of people who feel the safety of their community is important.  Local familiarity and awareness is important in spotting things that may be out of the ordinary.

Many of our co-ordinators have now been doing this for up to 30 years, and we are looking to refresh and extend Neighbourhood Watch across Henley, both within and across our local communities.  If you’re the sort of person who likes street parties, for example, then you’ll know how life is better when we work with one another.

We will be meeting with Thames Valley Police in the near future to discuss how best we can support them, so if you would like to share ideas or find our more to help connect and keep your community safe, please drop Henley Neighbourhood Watch an email at nhwhenley@gmail.com



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