Boosting a Stock Portfolio: Tips and Tricks

According to studies from the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, this region is one of the top destinations for investment. In fact, over the last year or so, there has been a 122% rise in foreign direct investment alone – and plenty of locals are also getting in on the action. With so much investment floating around the area, then, many people find themselves wondering how they can add more stocks to their portfolios and take full advantage. This article will share three top tips that you should consider following in order to boost your exposure to the stock market.

Consult an advisor

Financial advisors spend their days identifying investment opportunities, so it makes sense to speak to one before buying up more shares. It’s especially important to consult a financial advisor if you are planning to move from a small portfolio to a large one as you may be able use the tax structure to boost your returns. There are financial advisors located in Henley, though you may want to consider going to larger economic centres such as Oxford or Reading if you want more choice of professionals. Remember to speak to someone who is on the Financial Conduct Authority’s Register for your own peace of mind.

Use some resources

It’s possible to make the process a little easier for yourself and for your financial advisor by making the most of the many resources already available. Broadsheet newspapers with finance sections, for example, employ journalists dedicated to researching new stocks and releasing advice on what to invest in, so they’re worth a read.

Consulting a weekly stock calendar can help you find the best time to strike when it comes to opening new positions. Look out for key events that can affect the stock market, such as company interim reports, or external events such as elections. There’s no obligation to avoid a certain date, of course, and you should make up your own mind. However, by educating yourself about what’s going on and when, you can make well-informed decisions.

Take your time

A note of caution should be sounded, however. Buying up new stocks is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and anybody who is considering investing more into the stock market in order to make a quick buck is likely to find themselves disappointed. Most advisors recommend that you hold on to your stock portfolio for a significant number of years before closing your positions, rather than trying to sell them at short notice. That’s because the stock market tends to recover over the years even if it dips temporarily: while nothing is guaranteed, time is a good way to hedge your bets.

Expanding a stock portfolio isn’t easy, and it’s not for the faint-hearted. Risk is one thing to worry about, while selecting a strategy is another. However, by finding convenient Oxfordshire-based financial advice, allowing yourself plenty of time, and making the most of the available resources, you’ll be able to give yourself a great head start.



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