Wear a White Poppy For a Culture of Peace

White Poppies are worn in memory of all those across the world who suffered and are suffering now as a result of war, wherever they may be.

Henley Quakers will be manning a stall in Falaise Square, Henley on Sunday 14 October, 2018 from 12.30 to 3.00 p.m when they will be giving away white poppies to anyone who would like one.

White Poppies are in honour of those who suffered and are suffering by supporting work for peace, through education and mediation.  They were first worn in 1933 by the mothers, sisters, wives and friends of men who had died in the First World War.  They saw Hitler coming to power in Germany and the rise of the Black Shirts in Britain.  Like many people they feared there would be another war and were determined to voice their concerns.

Their message was Never Again should people give their lives in wars.  Yet 100 years after the war to ‘end all wars’, millions are still dying in war.

Wearing a White Poppy is a way to say ‘Let’s work for Peace’


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