Police Alert – Scams in the Henley Area

Thames Valley Police have received a couple of reports that fraudsters are operating in your area. The most recent one has asked people to buy WH Smith vouchers.

PCSO Claire Hewett will be in Henley Town Centre tomorrow (Wednesday) at the town hall (9.30am – 1pm) and will be travelling on some of the local buses to engage with the elderly and warn them of these scams. The routes go via Elizabeth Rd, Watermans Rd and Abrahams Estate.

Below are details of some of the various scams that have been reported:

The fraudster cold calls the victim on their landline. The victims are generally elderly/vulnerable.  They make claims designed to encourage the victim to divulge specific personal information ultimately requesting the victim to provide their PIN. Some of the most common are:

  • Claiming to be BT – citing problems with their payments and asking for their bank or card details.
  • Claiming to be Police – citing recent arrests of individuals in possession of the victim’s details and requiring the victim’s assistance to investigate a corrupt bank employee working at the victim’s bank and the caller needs the victims’ assistance in catching the culprit.
  • Bank card required for forensic examination re police investigation.
  • To assist with a police investigation and ask the victim to actually go to the shops and purchase goods, current favourite Rolex watches and Apple products. We have also recently had reports of victims being asked to purchase WH Smith vouchers.
  • Also asking victims for their personal goods such as iPhones etc.
  • Some of the courier frauds have progressed with the victim called on a second occasion and re-quested to withdraw all the cash from their other current account “due to a corrupt bank employee” and place the funds into a separately named account – a so called “mule account”.

Please report anything of this nature to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or call 999 if a crime is happening at that time.

If you would like to speak to Claire or any of the Neighbourhood Team please call 101.


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