Footpath Gate Nailed Shut

A gate next to a high stile on a public footpath which leads from Regatta Meadows across the Wilminster park estate in Remenham was nailed shut just over a week ago.

This has meant that the footpath is closed to many dog owners who aren’t able to carry their dogs over the high stile as well as less able-bodied people who would also struggle to get over the stile.

The Herald contacted Wokingham District Council, Remenham Parish Council, the Open Spaces Society and the Chiltern Society to ask them to investigate.  John Halsall, Chair of Remenham Paris Council has now confirmed that “The landowner was worried about her own dogs getting out. She is going to install two new dog friendly stiles probably in November and the Parish Council have agreed to share the cost.”

Kate Tooley who brought this to our attention said, “I’ve bumped into a lot of people who are very irate about this.  I understand why the landowner was concerned as there was a fiddly piece of string on the gate which people didn’t always secure but instead of just nailing the gate shut why didn’t the landowner put a sign up to say why and their intentions.”

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  1. Tim Keating says:

    What this landowner has done is illegal. Public Right of Way Act states ‘Where a stile or gate on a public right of way is your responsibility, you must maintain it so it is safe and reasonably easy to use.’ It goes on to say that it must not be obstructed. The nails should be removed and the gate returned to operation immediately.

    • K says:

      There wasn’t always a gate there it was only put in for an elderly lady they left it because they thought people would respect it and make sure they would close it behind them so you see it is not illegal because it was never supposed to be there in the first place.
      the style still remains which has always been there.


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