Mayor Jumps on his Bike After Charity Director Has Accident

Henley Mayor, Councillor Glen Lambert has stepped up to the plate (or pedal) after hearing that PIP’s (Pursuing Independent Paths) Director Bill Feeney had an accident last week and won’t be able to ride in this Saturday’s Henley Mountain Bike Challenge.

During training for the seventh challenge, Bill fell off his bike and has broken his shoulder and collar bone.  Bill who lives in Henley, works for the charity based in London who support adults with learning disabilities to achieve their potential.  The Mountain Bike Challenge is one of the biggest fundraisers for the charity and raises over £40-45,000 each year.  Bill has been sponsored close to £1,000 himself this year.  The event starts at 9.30 on Saturday from Lovibonds in Henley and takes riders on a 20 mile course through the Chilterns before finishing back along the river.

Glen said, “Tamsin Borlase told me about Bill’s unfortunate accident and that he was unable to ride in the challenge.  It felt like a calling.  It occurred to me that it might be good for me to stand in for Bill.  I promised him that if I raised more than £500 last year (my first year) I would do PIP again and I raised £750.  Earlier on this year though, I had to tell Bill that because of my mayoral role I didn’t have time to practice or fundraise and I would have to give him an IOU.  The biggest challenge will be surviving.  I’m not very fit this year.  Last year I was walking about 30 miles a week so I was quite fit but I’ve not done this recently.  This year I’m much less confident.  I hope to get home safely I will learn some lessons from Bill.  Asking Glen has Bill given him any tips, Glen replied, “He himself is the tip.  Don’t do what Bill does!”

Bill said, “The Mayor suggested, due to my unexpected injury it would be a great deed for him to step in and ride in my place with the aim to raise awareness and donations for the event.  This is another example of the Mayor’s community focus during a really full and successful tenure as Mayor.  He is really making the effort to engage with the community, attending events and raising the profile for good causes.”

There’s still time to register for the event.  Go to or to sponsor the Mayor/Bill at


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