Singers Park Hedge to be Removed to Resolve Rat Problem

Over the last year and a half Henley Town Council have been trying to solve a problem with rats in the hedge at Singers Park (next to Angel on the Bridge pub) without success.

The Council have sought advice and employed a Pest Controller contractor.  They have now recommended to the Council that the best option now is to remove the hedge that is providing a habitat for nesting in for the rats to breed.

Chair of the Recreations and Amenities Committee, Councillor Kellie Hinton said, “We’ve tried everything we could to get rid of the rats.  We obviously can’t rid of their natural habitat i.e. the river.  We can try and limit the food source by keeping the bins nearby emptied and ask people to not drop rubbish but we can solve the problem of the rats nesting and breeding by removing the hedge.  We have agreed that we will replace the hedge with either a lower one in planters or railings which will have planters on top to replace the greenery lost.”

The removal of the hedge is supported by Scott Investment who have offices opposite and who installed the railings adjacent to Singers Park.  Scott Investment would also consider contributing to the cost.

Work to remove the hedge will start after the proposal has been agreed at Full Council on 6 November by the Park Services team who will consult and work with the Pest Controller contractor.


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