Liz Back Running for Wyfold Riding for the Disabled

Liz Jones (above fourth left), from Henley is back on form running after having to pull out of the London Marathon earlier this year when she was given an assured ‘good for age’ place.  So this weekend Liz will be running in the Abingdon Marathon to raise money for the Wyfold Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) where she volunteers.

She completed the Brighton Marathon in 2017 in 3hrs 45mins and raised nearly £2,000 for the Wyfold (RDA).  The thought of all her supporters, and especially the riders she has come to know, kept her going when the going got tough. All I had to do at 23 miles was think about a couple of the riders I have got to know, and thought about their incredible bravery and resilience in the face of daily challenges, and it made me dig deep and keep going just for them.  I knew that my aches and pains would vanish as soon as I got to the end, but for many of our riders it never stops. I felt really humble doing this when I thought of them, and I had so many lovely messages from the volunteers (and even the horses!) at Wyfold RDA!”

Liz is raising funds in particular for new surfacing for the outdoor school, and towards a new vehicle for transporting the horses to events that the riders love to compete in.

If you would like to sponsor Liz please go to her fundraising page:


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