Henley Donations Provide Money for New Flock for Borama Families Hit by Cyclone

Twenty of the most affected families hit by the Borama cyclone in May have been given money from a collection in Henley to replace livestock.

The cyclone, described as the strongest ever recorded in the Horn of Africa, formed in the Gulf of Aden and affected Djibouti and Somalia as well as Somaliland. Estimates of the dead in Somaliland varied from 16 up to 60. In addition, livestock have drowned and crops, homes and infrastructure have been destroyed.

Henley has had a friendship link with Borama in Somaliland since 1982 which was established by the then Mayor of Henley, Dr Noel Snell, at the suggestion of Henley residents Malcolm Page and Michael Walsh, both of whom had lived in Borama.

The money was collected in July with the help of Henley Rotary Club and members of the Samasons Relief charity who handed over $50 to each wife for them to buy a sheep and a goat to replace those that were killed in the storm.  Brigadier Malcom Page said, “In Borama it is tradition that goats and sheep are the property of the women and they bring them to the marriage (and take them away if they divorce).  Camels and cattle are the property of the men.”

Yuuf Djama, Co-ordinator for Borama and Henley Friendship for the past 6 years said, “I’d like to thank Henley Town Council and Rotary Club for the money collected in Henley which has helped the most affected by the Borama cylone. The aim is to help them to rebuild their flocks as fast as possible. We prioritised first the livestock as they are first needed for the local people but the roofs of the schools we still struggle to cover up due the lack of funding.”

If you would like to donate to fund new roofs for the schools, please make a payment to the following account using reference HBFA:

Sort Code 30 97 76
Account Number 16002660
Account Name Samasons Relief
Registered Charity Number 1144235

or via https://mydonate.bt.com/charities/samasons