Henley Volunteer Drivers is Desperately Short of Drivers

The Henley Volunteer Drivers which offers transport for the elderly and infirm within Henley/Shiplake, taking them to hospital and medical appointments both in Henley and to the Royal Berkshire Hospital or John Radcliffe in Oxford is desperately short of drivers to do this.

They are looking for drivers (male and female) willing to take clients to their appointment, wait with them and then take them back home.  It’s a very reassuring service for the frail.

So if you have a spare hour or two would you like to make a difference to your community?  It is not a regular commitment but to be part of a bank of drivers that can be called upon – so if you have other plans, when approached by the Bureau, you can say no.  It’s not arduous and every client has an interesting story to tell so it can be very rewarding!

If you think you could help please be in touch with the chair, Annie Lathaen on 07769 687326 or adlathaen@yahoo.co.uk