Jeux D’Esprit Back With a Warning to the Curious

After the growing success year on year of Jeux d’Esprit’s unique light and sound productions, they return again this year with a darker production entitled A Warning to Curious at the King’s Arms Barn 23-25 November in aid of the Chiltern Centre.

Behind the magic Jeux D’Esprit are group of local residents who met in connection with various theatre activities over many years in Henley.  In the group are Bruce Smith who is the technical wizard, Angela Pengilley a musician, Steve Allender, illustrator and Herald cartoonist and Jill Richardson who is the overall director and comes up with the ideas for the shows.

Join the company of M.R. James, H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe and other luminaries of this ghostly genre which will see the show do terrible things to your mind.

‘A Warning to the Curious’ is indeed just that: a warning. Yes, our curiosity will compel us to gaze into the light and shadow, to listen to the sounds as they play around us, but as in the fairy tales we must not stray from the path… if we do, well, we’ll end up like the hapless victim in MR James’ ‘Number 13’.

To satisfy your curiosity still further there are poems by Rilke (The Black Cat) whose last verse lashes out with a razor sharp claw, and Anne Sexton’s The Earth Worm blindly feeding in the black, dank soil…but on what? And of course Edgar Allen Poe’s classic The Raven – all macabre literary evenings have to include The Raven, with its rhyme that spins a web around your soul.

Jill Richardson said, “Jeux d’Esprit is committed to raising funds for The Chiltern Centre, that wonderful local charity which provides respite care for the families of disabled children in Henley. Our first effort took just £200, the next exceeded £600 and last year we managed £1995.  Our target this year has to be over £2000 and we can do it with your help. So come along to the King’s Arms Barn. Admission, plus a glass of wine, is free but seating is limited so it would be wise to reserve seats before-hand.”

The show is not suitable for those under 9 years old.

Please note that because of construction work access to the Barn is by a walk-way at the York Rd entrance to the Waitrose Car Park. It may take some determination but you will find it.

Show times Fri Nov 23 5-00pm and 7-30pm. Sat Nov 24 5-00pm and 7-30pm, Sun Nov 25 5-00pm

To reserve seats contact Jill Richardson  email or phone 01491 413384

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