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Have Your Say – Do We Ever Stop Moaning?

Having taken a rare day off from work I wonder what influence day time television has on our morale?

In just one morning all I have heard it continuous moaning about this country – without even mentioning Brexit!

If it wasn’t criticism of the NHS it was the police, local government and roads and so it went on. I personally have nothing but praise for the NHS, police and other services but am I in the minority or have we just just got in the habit of moaning???

Ann Manning

  1. Eva says:

    Moaning is a British past time …..
    I just think news have become negative. Maybe positive stories don’t sell?
    Totally agree with your statement and I’m in awe of the services in this country. The NHS have helped me tremendously as you know. Enjoy your day off. Turn the telly off. The radio slightly better

  2. Fred says:

    Agree with Eva.

    We certainly see people pulling Brexit apart rather than trying to make the most of it from where we are, and in Henley we still have (some) local politicians for whom scoring points or making digs at the other side seems more important than acknowledging the positive achievements made by anyone but themselves.

    You raise a good challenge – indeed for those of us who are negative about constantly hearing negatives (which must seem like complaints to the originators as well). We would do well to shut up about the bad, and deliver OUR best for ourselves and others in the community and our country.

    There must be some catchphrase we could use, like #Henleythinkspositive

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