Henley Lions Need New Store for Fundraising Equipment

Henley Lions need a new place to store their fund raising equipment.

They neeed about 20 square feet of space to keep things like a gazebo, Swimarathon counters, signs for Regatta Car Parking , a couple of tables, some lights and about 6 – 8 60 litre plastic boxes with kit in them.

Dave Murray from Henley Lions said, “We have been fortunate enough to have had free storage down at Henley Self Storage for the past 5 years or more but have been given notice to vacate as the area where the storage container we’ve been using is going to be redeveloped. Prior to having our stuff stored down at Henley Self Storage we were using space provided by the town council at a small building they own on West Street but had to leave there when they wanted to redevelop the building and rent it out. We need to have our stuff moved out by the first week of January so could really use somewhere to move it to prior to the first of the year.”

If you can help, please get in touch by calling 0845 833 7387 or email on secretary@henleylions.org.uk

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