Badgemore School Ask Can We Make a Difference to the Environment?

Badgemore Primary School’s topic this term is ‘Can We Make A Difference?’ and they’ve been working hard on a number of projects to help the environment.

The school has been working with Clean Air For Henley to make the local community more aware of air pollution, participated in a litter pick around Freemans Meadows and looked at how to reduce packaging in shops.

Their greatest achievement has been reducing the amount of waste that the school are putting into landfill.  Assistant Head Teacher, Tim Hoskins said, “The children identified that we were throwing approximately 9kg (one full black bag) of lunch waste a day straight into the ground. An obvious first step was to request food waste bins for the lunch hall. This was the easy part. The challenge came when the children realised that we have been wrapping our food in non-recyclable soft plastic.”

Yesterday, Year 5 and 6 children organised a plastic-free lunch day to overcome the plastic wrapping of food. Tim commented, “Lunches came in a variety of recyclable packaging which looked amazing, but the real prize was that today we sent no waste to the landfill! From now on, we will be holding Plastic-Free Lunch Days once a month. In the meantime, we hope that families will recognise the benefit to the environment of going plastic-free and we will see less and less lunch waste collected at Badgemore Primary School.”

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