Little Stars Come Out for Christmas

Over the last couple of weeks the children of Henley have been performing their Christmas nativity plays to the delight of their families and teachers. There have been some comedy moments and some tears of pride in all the plays. Well done to all the teachers who have made these plays so special again this year.

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Children in Key Stage 1 performed It’s a Baby that tells the nativity story through the eyes of a weary Innkeeper. The play includes some great songs including Knock! Knock! and We’ve Come to See the Baby.

Rupert House

Year 2 students from Rupert House School gave an imaginative performance in ‘The Match Girl’s Christmas’, a twist on the Hans Christian Andersen tale. With a cheerier ending than the story it was inspired by, the play saw standout solos from Julia as the Match Girl, Rhea as Mary and Heidi as Joseph. The show also put a spin on the traditional stage set-up, being performed in the round with audience either side of the stage! The creative Match Girl’s Christmas was a unique version of a Christmas tale, and the Year 2 students acted and sang their socks off!

Sacred Heart

Key Stage 1 children at Sacred Heart had great fun performing Hey Ewe a baa-rilliant nativity musical which tells the traditional story through the eyes of the smallest and youngest curious ewe in the flock.  The catchy songs were all sung brilliantly by the whole cast with great actions too.


The Trinity Nativity play captured a multicultural Christmas, sharing stories of celebrations around the world. The Year 1 and 2 students’ performance of ‘Christmas Of The World’, in the Holy Trinity Church, was a joyful, imaginative and educational show. Packed with fun musical numbers and a few familiar carols, the play revealed the festive traditions of Ireland, Poland, China, Australia, Malawi and the United States of America. Colourful costumes and energetic choreography made the performance a hugely entertaining watch, and the Trinity students all sang their hearts out! Katie sang a beautiful version of ‘Away In A Manger’ before the whole group ended the show on ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’, bringing the play to a close on a brilliantly festive note. 

Valley Road

Lights, Camel, Action! was the Key Stage 1 nativity this year.  This nativity play is unique twist on the nativity, presented like a Strictly Come Dancing ‘talent show’. The Bethlehem Broadcasting Company records a dazzling dance show to celebrate the special occasion of Jesus’ birth, and the cast is jam-packed with nativity celebrities (including some funky camels and a disco star). They come together to recall their roles in the miraculous story. It’s a Christmas celebration like never before, with dance styles ranging from tango to line dancing and ballet to disco. Each of the different groups involved in the nativity, such as inn keepers and angels, took to the stage to dance and sing their version of events in front of the panel of judges.

Valley Road Key Stage 2 children got the school rocking for their nativity play with It’s Chr-i-i-i-stmas which sees some glitter added to the traditional Christmas story and the count down of hits to see who is top of the festive pop charts! There’s a bit of Motown round the manger with ‘Gabriel’s Soul Patrol’, while glam-rock shepherds, ‘The Crooks’, bring the beat to Bethlehem in their platform heels! Also contenders for the top spot are boyband trio ‘The Wise Guys’, bickering folk-punks ‘The Landlords’, 60’s pop icons ‘Don Kee & The Animals’ and the brassy ‘Herod & The King’s Swingers’!