Mary Berry is Special Guest at Launch of Henley Pre-School Cooking Classes

Smart Raspberry Cookery School were honoured to have food writer and television presenter, Mary Berry attend their Pre-School Cookery class Launch Party this week at the Christ Church Centre.

Mary opened the launch with a speech about the importance of getting children to start cooking at an early age.  She said, “I think that Smart Raspberry Cookery School is a brilliant idea.  I think to start very young is so good.  I started cooking with my grandchildren at the exact same age as your children are, I started with cupcakes and all they wanted to do was put on as many decorations as possible, but it got them interested in cooking and they were proud to give them as presents. “

Pizza Swirls were on the menu at the pre-school cookery launch party, the children were encouraged to get hands on; rolling, sprinkling, spreading and chopping with child friendly knives. They really enjoyed making their own pizzas and added mozzarella, peppers and olives as toppings.

Alicia Cronin, who runs the Smart Raspberry said: “We wanted to open up our classes to toddlers because I believe it’s so important that we encourage children as young as possible to be more adventurous with their food.  It’s a given that the majority of toddlers are fussy about what they eat!  Our classes are a great way to encourage children to try a variety of ingredients whilst having lots of messy fun in the process.”

Mary added, “I’m delighted to say that I am very proud to be here its such a good idea and I think you’ll find your children will gain confidence and do let them do a bit of cooking at home and help you.”

For further information please contact Alicia Cronin from Smart Raspberry Cookery School 07752348154 or email


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