Creating Greater Visibility for Your Products Online

The world wide web or internet has made it possible for brands to market a range of products and services online as opposed to just in stores. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear that you’ve probably bought a few things online at some point. If you own a business, you may be trying to expand your reach by selling products online also. A lot of work goes into this beyond simply uploading an image and putting a caption beside it. In case you’ve been struggling to get the visibility you need to sell your products online, here are a few suggestions you could try.

Improve Website

It is likely that the first place your products will go is on your personal website. If you want them to be discoverable, however, you need to work on having a clear website blueprint, to begin with. Make sure your site is ranking for the right keywords so that when you begin SEO for your product descriptions, everything aligns.

Some things you should already have are informative page titles, meta tags, and spider friendly URLs as well. This should help attract related and targeted traffic. In addition to this, to improve your website make sure it works on mobile and keep the design simple.

Get Better Images

If you want more people to notice your products online, then you may want to improve the quality of your images. For obvious reasons, high-resolution pictures are likely to grab the attention of prospective customers before blurry or lower resolution ones do.

To take beautiful product images, you should use a good quality camera on a smartphone or camera, a white background, and a tripod. Once you’ve taken a few good shots, ensure the picture is well touched up and that you reduce the image size so it doesn’t cause delays in page loading times.

Improve Product Descriptions

The descriptions that you include on your products are often what will convince a customer to buy or increase their interest in the product. It may be a good idea to get a company such as to help with your product descriptions if you want to increase the chances of them performing better. Ideally, they should be detailed, interesting, and straight to the point.

Encourage Product Reviews

At times, people are skeptical about products because they’ve never seen the seller and only have a picture online to go by. However, by ensuring you have authentic product reviews, you should be able to gain the trust of skeptical prospects.

The products should be both personalized and written from a first person’s perspective. This can be achieved by following up with customers after a purchase and requesting they write a review.

Use Social Media

If you want a product to sell well online, you’ve got to make sure that it’s visible. That means being present on social media and utilizing the various platforms to your advantage. There will be various target audiences to appeal to, so vary your content accordingly to where it is ending up. As of 2017 there were 39 million users of social media usage in the UK alone. This statistic, paired with the ever-increasing number of smartphones used to access social media, should be enough reason to wise up and get on board with these popular platforms.

Products globally are doing well online as a result of different factors. It’s likely that at least a few of the above tips can be attributed to their success as well. By applying them and being consistent you should find your products are found by buying customers.


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