How to Improve Your Customer’s Security

Your business is, understandably, one of the most important things in your life. It is an institution that you have built from the ground up to support you and your family while achieving your goals at the same time. Considering this, looking after your customers is going to be a top priority as these are the people who help you to make profits.

Looking after the sensitive data of your consumers is the best way of proving to them that you care, so you need to be looking into how you can proactively secure this information and let your customers know they are safe buying with you.

Managing your customers, the right way

To begin with, having a system in place that helps you to deal with all of your customer interactions and data all in one location is a great way to ensure that you are able to coordinate your approach to looking after your customers in a way that all your staff can easily access and help out with.

One way of doing this is to use Microsoft CSP, which stands for Cloud Solutions Provider, which you can buy from Bytes. It allows you to deal with billing, invoicing, and a whole host of functions that will improve your relationship with customers and how you take care of their information in general.

Safeguarding is key

Now that you have a general plan in place, this gives you a good foundation to work off of as you begin to tackle to specifics. Safeguarding data is something that you need to be active about and looking into implementing these tips on taking care of customer data is a good way forward. For example:

  • Designing a secure website where the URL begins with https will help to encrypt the traffic that comes to your website
  • Using top of the range anti-virus software will help to stop hackers from getting onto the work server
  • Having a policy where staff have to change their passwords every quarter (if not more frequently) will mean that the likelihood of someone stealing their password is much less likely

Not everything is online: Physically securing your data

It is of equal importance that you make sure the data your customers entrust to you is also secured physically. It means that you need to take on physical security measures for all of your devices that are used in the company you run. To do this, you need to:

  • Have a policy where no devices can leave the premises unless formally checked out (by having a signing in and out system for your staff) and that the individuals who take the device outside of the workplace never leave them unattended and get specific permission to use the devices for work at home
  • Have padlocks protecting the hard-drives of your computers so that, should there be a break in, thieves cannot steal the information
  • Have CCTV cameras set up and an alarm system that automatically calls the police should a break in be attempted
  • Have a safe where smaller devices, such as laptops, tablets, and company phones can be locked away securely

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