Former Club Chairman Unveils Stunning Swan Picture Gift

Heather Marsh’s stunning photograph of a swan which has been printed on to a large canvas (165 x 80cm) was unveiled on the upper floor of the Riverside Pavilion at Phyllis Court Club on Wednesday evening.

Heather was the winner of a photography competition which was the idea of former Club Chairman, Patricia Christmas who wanted to donate some artwork to mark her time as Chairman.  Members of the Photography Interest Group were invited to submit photographs with the theme of birds and there were 55 entries with 10 finalists.

The swan photo was taken on the Thames in Marlow with an entry level Nikon DSLR.  Heather has been a member of the Photography Interest Group at the Club for 2 years.  She said, “Photography is a hobby.  Being a member of the Photography Group is really great as it gives you an impetus and a reason to go out and take photos.  We are given a theme and at the next meeting we share our photos and swap tips.  I like to play with editing afterwards using a photo editing app on my iPad.  The swan photo has had a light filter added. It is really exciting to see it being unveiled today. I never expected to take a photograph that people would want to hang on their wall. Especially here at the Pavilion which is so lovely.”

Club Chairman Barry Jackson, “This is really great example of the Club and an Interest Group working really closely together and it has been of huge benefit.  I’m really delighted Heather that you have done such a great job.  You’re a talented lady.  This is a wonderful donation Patricia.  It is very special and one which we will remember for a lot of years to come.  Thank you Patricia for your foresight and sponsorship.”

Patricia was presented with a smaller version of the photograph. She said, “We wanted a modern image that reflects the architecture of this beautiful Pavilion.  I think it is absolutely stunning.  When the canvas was first delivered I said I’m sorry I’m not donating it I’m taking it home but now I can take this smaller one home.”

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Club please contact Membership Manager, Jez Scholfield on  or 01491 570510.


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