How to Have the Time of Your Life at the Weekend

The weekend offers untold potential. We can use it to unwind and relax, or to get chores done. Of course, it is also a time to spend time with friends and families, and to do something fun with them. How you spend your free time is completely up to you, but sometimes we run of imagination or get stuck in a loop, doing the same thing.

Here are ways to have the time of your life this weekend:

1.  Be Spontaneous

To start with, you can make the weekends more memorable than the last by being spontaneous. Although tradition can be great, don’t be afraid to do something out of the ordinary. If you usually sit in front of the TV and watch movies, why not try travelling to a different city for a day instead?

For those who struggle to be spontaneous, try not to overthink it. Go with those random and impulsive ideas that come to mind as long as they aren’t destructive. Life is too short not to get out there and discover the hidden gems around you.

2.  Go to an Event

If you happen to be a homebody that doesn’t get out much, try attending events during the weekend. There are so many going on that you have no excuse not to at least find one that tickles your fancy. Check online for upcoming events in your area and visit sites like Ticket Sales for affordable fun. You can find anything from concerts to sports games that you can go to alone or drag friends along too.

3. Choose the Right Crowd

Sometimes, all it takes to have an epic night out is the right people. Go down memory lane and think about people that you have had the most memorable times with and connect with them if you haven’t already. Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with meeting new people and making new connections as well. Here are a few ways you can.

Social media – If you’re active on social media platforms like Facebook, check out the events happening near you and see if any of your friends are going. This is a great way to meet new people, but you have to remember to be open to starting conversations and talking to strangers.

Ask friends – Don’t be afraid to ask your friends or family if they know any cool people you could hang out with. At times, some of the best friends you can make are friends of friends. Alternatively, tag along to parties with your friends and make yourself at home.

Volunteer – This is an unconventional way of meeting new people but nevertheless, could work. By volunteering for a cause you’re passionate about and meeting people, you at least know you have something in common.

4.  Live in the Moment

No matter what you decide to do during the weekend, if you don’t learn to live in the moment, you’ll find it quickly passes you by. Try and be grateful which means appreciating every moment you have to live and enjoy all of life’s beauties. Optimism also helps at times as looking at the brighter side of things may help you stress less and live more.


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