Campaign to Remind People of Benefits of Townlands Minor Injuries Unit

The NHS in Oxfordshire is raising awareness among local people about using minor injuries units (MIUs) instead of travelling to A&E at John Radcliffe, Oxford or the Royal Berkshire, Reading.

The campaign is to remind people on the types of injuries MIUs can treat, such as small burns, bites and stings, sports injuries and infected wounds. The material also includes contact details, addresses and opening times of the MIUs.

Posters have been distributed to sports and leisure centres in and around Henley to promote MIU at Townlands Memorial Hospital.

Dr Ed Capo Bianco, Locality Clinical Director at Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “A lot of  people turn up at A&E departments when they could go to their local MIU  for advice and treatment and where they are likely to be seen more quickly. MIUs provide excellent care for many injuries, from deep cuts to sports injuries and they also have X-ray facilities to help diagnose some broken bones.

“The NHS 111 service can book people in for an at an MIU or people can just turn up. MIUs offer a very good local service.”

Pete McGrane, Oxford Health Clinical Director for Community Services, said: “Townlands Memorial Hospital MIU can help local people with a wide range of minor injuries, reducing the need for long journeys to A&E and increasing your chances of being seen more quickly. Come in and see us, we’re here to help!”

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  1. Martin Akehurst says:

    Yes, Townlands has an MIU – BUT it’s a hospital that was funded to support South Oxfordshire! The NHS is trying to ‘save money’ by not putting any beds in. This is ludicrous!

    I went through this with a buddy in the BBC (previous career as an actor … don’t ask) His comment was (shaking his head) “Unfortunately Monty Python is long gone. We’d never get it past the current program controllers. They’d never believe us!”


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