Phyllis Court Provides Home for Nine New Feathered Families

Phyllis Court is welcoming nine families to the Club this Spring. However, the new additions won’t be sleeping in the exclusive private members’ club, instead they will be settling in the grounds in nine newly placed nest boxes, thanks to members Ray and Janet Anstis.

Mr and Mrs Anstis approached the club’s House Committee to ask if they could place nine nest boxes within the beautiful 18 acres of land surrounding the building. The boxes are now in position and ready for the families to make a home.

Janet Anstis said, “Ray and I have a keen interest in wildlife and thought the grounds of Phyllis Court offer a lovely opportunity to house some birds which would be interesting for members to observe.  We worked with a local naturalist to set up the nest boxes.  He told us that the possibility of birds nesting in them was high, so we’re all excited to see what the Spring will bring.”

Tony Horsfall, Phyllis Court Chairman of House Committee, said, “We’re a Club that is famous for its hospitality and prides itself on delivering guests a ‘home away from home’ stay. With the help of two of our members we have been able to extend that level of hospitality and service to our ‘flying’ guests and placed nine nest boxes for the local wildlife of Henley-on-Thames to come and stay with us.

We expect the birds to have flown from the nests by July but, if they had stayed, they would have had the best seats in the house for the annual Royal Regatta.

We’re looking forward to monitoring the boxes and seeing what we have to report come Springtime when the birds will hopefully settle in our grounds.”


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