Have Your Say – Bus Route Blocked Due to Irresponsible Car Parking

I took the above photo of this car parked on Thursday morning last week (7 February) on Market Place in front of the town hall which meant the local town bus couldn’t get through.   What is is about double yellow lines and no stopping cones does this driver not understand?!

This is not an isolated problem for the bus, there are many occasions when the bus cannot get through cars parked illegally too on Friday Street.

Come on drivers, please park responsibly.

David Murray

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  1. Anon says:

    This sort of parking is madness and has no valid rationale.

    That said as a resident of Friday Street I fail to see why the bus needs to come down such a narrow road (even when cars are legally parked) and would be much better using Thameside/ Station Road while continuing to provide the valuable service for residents in these narrow roads.

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