Calling All Nature Lovers to Donate Towards Book for Every School

A crowdfunding campaign to provide a copy of The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane and illustrated by Jackie Morris to every primary school in Oxfordshire has been launched on Valentine’s Day appealing for donations from nature lovers.

The Lost Words, began as a book but has since grown into a movement promoting connections with the natural world. This award winning book (Children’s Book of the Year 2018) was inspired by the removal of words like acorn, bluebell, conker, kingfisher and otter from the Oxford Junior Dictionary. The Lost Words book combines a series of spells related to each lost word – intended to be read aloud – with beautiful accompanying illustrations. The natural world is conjured up and comes alive.

Three parents who met just 3 weeks ago set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise £4000 in 28 days.  Andy, Angela and Rowena each encountered the magic of Lost Words in different circumstances; Andy, was enchanted by his daughter reading one of the poems aloud, Angela found herself immersed in her 8 year old daughter’s copy of the book, Rowena encountered the beautiful original illustrations by Jackie Morris at an exhibition just after the book had been published.

The campaign, which starts today on Valentine’s Day should raise enough money to begin distributing the books to every Oxfordshire primary school at the beginning of the summer term. It is hoped that sufficient funding will be raised to provide a range of support materials and information to help teachers bring the book to life with their pupils and provide them with more opportunities to feel a close connection to the natural world.

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