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Calling all young people who worry about climate change. Katrina Judge, a Mum of four, and a member of Henley-in-Transition this week launches Young Climate Warriors a national organisation to get young people to be part of a movement that cares for our planet and it’s future.

Having completed a Masters from Oxford University in Environmental Change and Management, and worked in Carbon offsetting, Katrina has been a member of Henley-in-Transition for the last 10 years, helping with school assemblies as well as being a judge for the Henley Schools Environmental Science Competition.  She has been working with local Henley schools to be the first Young Climate Warriors.

The inspiration for the new organisation came from Greta Thunberg, the 16 year old climate activist from Sweden who has been hitting the headlines with her speeches to the United Nations and World Business Leaders and a global campaign for school children to go on strike on Friday to draw attention to the climate crisis.  The first UK strike took place on Friday (15 February) and the next one is planned for Friday 15 March.

Young Climate Warriors has been set up to empower children and enable them to engage with climate change action – at a collective level – without striking.  It is targeted at those in years 4–8 and their families.  By providing a forum whereby children can all undertake the same ‘suggested challenge’ each week alongside hundreds of others, they can be part of a collective response to climate change. With cumulative carbon emissions reductions.

How it works?

1) Subscribe at

2) Undertake the weekly ‘suggested challenge’

3) Click the ‘challenge completed’ button

Today sees the launch of the Half Term Challenge – Tell your family or those people who share your home, that you are now a Young Climate Warrior. The challenge is to do this creatively…remember to check with your parent/carer that it’s OK with them before you start…can you re-arrange a plate of peas to spell out ‘I’m a climate warrior’, or can you paint a big poster ‘I’m a Young Climate Warrior’, you can write it lego, or can you sing it whilst in the shower. This week it’s your choice how you do it, and when you have done so, don’t forget…press the red challenge completed button on the website!! If your parent/carer is happy for you to post a photo of your creation on Instagram please use #warrior4climate

Examples of ‘Suggested Challenges’: (they’ll all be worded to make them sound like fun missions)

  • Reduce the time your heating is ‘on’ by 15 minutes. 100 children doing this and every week we will have saved the energy needed to heat our homes for 10,500 minutes (175 hours)
  • Reduce your time in shower by 1 minute a day. 100 children doing this and we would save energy used for 700 minutes shower time a week.
  • 100 households tried lentils/pulses as an alternative to meat/fish as a main meal
  • 100 households found 5 different plastic types in their recycling bin, and committed to changing one produce that they normally buy packaged in plastic.



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