The Henley College – Question, Seek Grow

The Henley College motto ‘Question, seek, grow’ is a theme that runs throughout all that they do. Against a backdrop of a constantly changing and uncertain economic and political landscape, they understand the need to future-proof learners and prepare them for employment opportunities that may not yet exist…

Recognised as Leaders in Learning, the College aims for academic excellence throughout all their teaching programmes. They have highly skilled staff who are knowledgeable in a wide range of areas coupled with a wealth of industry experience and academic achievement. The ability to inspire students will inevitably help them to grow into the leaders and global citizens of the future. They empower learners to be independent, confident, questioning and innovative. They celebrate and encourage the enquiring mind and the enthusiasm to embrace challenge and rigour. Students learn how to present their findings and challenge opinions, helping them to develop as well-rounded individuals. A comprehensive range of advice is available to all students regarding their future careers and destinations. Students with the potential of achieving high grades at A Level and Vocational Diploma benefit from support to prepare them for applications to highly competitive degree courses at Russell Group universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. There are opportunities for students to participate in activities such as the Extended Project and receive specialist advice to prepare for admissions tests, such as LNAT for Law and BMAT for medicine.

The Henley College also recognises that participation in enrichment opportunities, as well as sporting success, translate well to the classroom. They teach students endeavour, time management and perseverance. These are exceptionally valuable in all facets of learning. The Henley College offer an Elite Sports Programme that targets students who have a high potential to excel in their sport, by either competing on the international stage or securing a professional contract. Specialising in rugby union, rowing and basketball, the College has proud and strong partnerships in place with renowned professional clubs: Wasps, Leander Club and Reading Rockets. On leaving The Henley College, students continue to succeed. Nearly 85% of students who progress to Russell Group universities achieve a 2:1 or higher – and over 30% graduate with a First.

To find out more about the wide range of A Level, vocational courses and apprenticeship opportunities visit or come see for yourself in person on Tuesday 5 March at the Information evening between 6.00-8.30pm.

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