Self-Harm Play Raises Awareness at Gillotts School

As part of the Oxfordshire Public Health Directorate’s campaign to improve young people’s mental wellbeing, a performance of Under My Skin by Pegasus Theatre was presented at Gillotts School last week for students in Year 8.

The play addresses the growing issue of self-harm in adolescents. The aim of the play is to raise awareness of self-harm and reduce the stigma that surrounds it, give young people vital information about coping with difficult emotions, stress, anxiety and low mood. It also aims to open up the opportunity for discussion and identify support networks; for example the School Health Nursing service, school counsellors and other local services that can help young people deal with the issue.

The year 8 students engaged fully and participated in the Q&A after the performance with the actors. It has now been the 4th year Pegasus have been back to perform to students, proving to be a very beneficial and informative way to discuss such a sensitive topic.

Afterwards one studentsaid “Can I buy the play as a book? I would really like to read it and share with my mum” and another commented, “I have a better understanding of self harm from the play. It was really informative.”

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