Tilebarn Wood Henley 5 Year Reunion

Volunteers Needed to Clear Long Grass To Help Conservation

Volunteers are needed to help next Wednesday (20 March) between 9.30 and 12.30 to rake and clear long grass at 40 Acre Field behind Tilebarn Close.

The field is owned by Henley Town Council but is leased to Henley in Transition who planted a native tree wood in 2011 and Sue Ryder for their Memorial Wood.

40 Acre Field is sited off of Deanfield Road, down Tilebarn Close, through the Henley College Car Park at the end and pick up the footpath alongside the college playing fields.

Henley Town Council’s Conservation Warden, Ilona Livarski said, “We have organised the day to rake and remove a lot of the long grass which has made the field quite hard to access at the moment for people to come and enjoy the views and the wildlife and for people to come and remember their loved ones in this wonderful peaceful location.”

Please bring a rake if you have one.

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