Wyevale Appeal is Dismissed

The call-in to the Secretary of State from Shiplake Parish Council for the planned housing development on the old Wyevale garden centre has been dismissed.

This therefore allows redevelopment of the site inline with the planning permission approved by the SODC planning committee last December.

The planning application which was also recommended for approval by Henley Town Council’s Planning Committee is for 40 homes including 16 affordable properties.

The housing development will include a mixture of 1 bed (4) and 2 bed (8) apartments in three blocks of two-storeys and 2 (6), 3 (20) and 4 (2) bedroom houses. Mrs Aida Dellal, who lives at Fawley Court owns the land.

At the Shiplake Parish Council meeting in January when the call-in appeal was discussed a motion of no confidence was voted in favour against SODC District Councillors Will Hall and Paul Harrison who supported the application. The minutes noted said  “this unprecedented motion reflected the real anger of councillors and residents at the wilful failure of Councillors Hall and Harrison to represent the view of the community they represent.”

SODC Councillor Paul Harrison said, “The site has been derelict for 9 years so I’m sure those residents living near the site will be glad to see it being brought back into use.  Without approval this site could have been left derelict for many year to come.”

We asked for a statement from Chair of Shiplake Parish Council, Tudor Taylor but to date we haven’t received a reply.

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