Large Hole in Makins Road by Roundabout

Update 19 March

The road was closed yesterday to traffic but will reopen later today.

Thames Water workers at the site told Councillor David Eggleton that the hole was caused by a leaking pipe and not an underground stream as originally thought.


A large hole measuring at least 1 metre across and 3 inches deep has appeared on Makins Road by the roundabout today with large cracks going from the middle of the road to the pavement.

The pavement had been marked with white lines and reported to OCC Highways.

A resident of Lovell Close said, “Since returning home this morning for an hour and going out again the hole has got considerably bigger.”

We have reported the hole to OCC Highways and Thames Valley Police for immediate action and for the area to be cordoned off.

Drivers should avoid driving down this road and access Makins Road from Wootton Road entrance.

Further updates to follow.


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