Henley Pub & Restaurant Owner Saves Thousands on Energy Bills

Nuno Rosado, who owns three businesses in central Henley – The Square and The Al Forno restaurants and The Old Bell public house – has recently saved in excess of £10,000 on utility bills thanks to local procurement and cost management consultancy, Lemerle Associates Limited.

Concerned about his ever growing overheads and the impact these costs were having on his profitability, this summer Mr Rosado engaged the services of Lemerle Associates who specialise in contracted corporate utilities.

Lemerle carried out a complimentary audit of the various gas and electricity supplies across Mr Rosado’s three businesses and were able to re-contract these supplies to realise a 30% saving across the portfolio.

Mr Rosado said “The whole process was handled by Lemerle with very little input required from me and I am absolutely delighted with the savings they have achieved for me.”

“I am working all hours running my businesses and do not have the time or expertise to manage these often complicated supplies. I knew for a long time that there must be more cost effective options out there but was unable to explore these myself and needed specialist help”

“Lemerle do not charge fees for the services they provide, instead receiving a commission from suppliers, therefore the 30% saving is net to my businesses. This was a cost down exercise I can really see hitting my bottom line, and it didn’t cost me a penny to implement!”

“With all my utilities now properly and effectively contracted, Lemerle will manage any future issues and deal with renewals as necessary; one less thing for me to worry about – I can simply enjoy the savings.”

Simon Hands, Emmer Green-based senior consultant at Lemerle, says “Not only are the days of cheap gas and electricity supplies over; prices continue to increase. Since the costs of these utilities are such a significant overhead for many businesses, it is vital to employ the services of experts who know their way around the markets, just as you do with insurance and other complex products”

“At Lemerle Associates we have access to over 20 suppliers at any one time and can often find price differentials of 25% and above”

“Domestic supplies are one thing, and can be tricky enough to manage; commercial supply contracts are much more onerous and difficult to navigate; they need to be understood in detail and take a great deal of time to get right.”

“We take time to understand our clients’ business needs and steer them to suppliers that can match their individual requirements. We pride ourselves on giving a personal service and attention to detail that ensures we deliver tangible results. We work totally in the interests of our clients, becoming a virtual extension of their business, filling the enormous gap between them and the often non-existent customer service offered by the suppliers; the effect is to give them more time for the things they’re good at, so the advantages are not purely financial. We work across all sectors, and our client base ranges from football clubs and food manufacturers to private estates and hospitality businesses like Mr Rosado’s.”

“I have lived in and around Henley all my life and am always delighted to be able to support other local business people. We are extremely proud of the savings we have achieved for Mr Rosado and hope to continue helping other Henley businesses to thrive. Sky high utility bills should not be allowed to stand in the way of a successful business continuing to grow.”

For further information about the services offered by Lemerle Associates, or to arrange a free audit of your business, contact vanessa@lemerle.co.uk. You can also discover more at www.lemerle.co.uk.

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