Waitrose Car Park Entrance to Close for Development


As part of the development at Market Place Mews (Gardiner Place) there will be changes to the Kings Road (Waitrose) car park with effect from Monday 25 March until mid-April 2020.

The southern entrance (closest to Town Hall) will be closed to allow for work to progress on the site.  This closure has been developed and agreed with South Oxfordshire District Council who own the car park and was considered to be the most appropriate of a number of proposals which were assessed.

Entrance to the car park will only be via the library entrance and there will be a one-way system introduced in the car park (see map above).  Exit from the car park can be via the library end entrance or via the Waitrose/Bell Street exit.

With the loss of over 15 car parking spaces already from the car park next to the King’s Arm Barn and the car park being full the majority of the time with cars queuing to find a space, the impact of this closure will surely mean that queues into the car park will block Kings Road which will then impact on other roads around the town.  We’ve seen this happen so often over the last few years.

Perhaps the message is to travel by the local bus? However this travels along Kings Road on the route to the hospital and the Abrahams estate too.

We asked the developers Catalyst Capital if they had contingency plans in place if this was to happen, we haven’t received a response from them to date.

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  1. Bex says:

    There will be gridlock. With Waitrose deliveries in large lorries several times a day, needing to stop (in the only entry route to the car park), then reverse into the Waitrose loading bay, ALL traffic trying to enter the car park will not be able to get through back up to King’s Road. During this time, no traffic will be able to exit to Bell Street. Cars in the car park ‘middle’ lane trying to get out of the car park will also be inhibited from leaving via Kings Rd as traffic backs up. Difficult to understand the benefit of the change in one way direction for the ‘middle’ lane. This issue was raised with management at Waitrose last year. (How will Waitrose delivery lorries exit the car park?)

  2. Jenny says:

    What a stupid idea this will cause chaos. SODC have no idea what Henley is like. It’s bad enough for the bus now this is going to make it worse.

  3. Julian says:

    What a crazy idea, the Waitrose car park is already inadequate for the volume of cars trying to use it and this plan just makes it 10 times worse. What half wit came up with it?

  4. Lindsey says:

    Stupid idea, will jam up all the roads in the vicinity & for those of us that live in Sonning Common there is no bus option


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