Herald Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Help Reinstall Mermaid Sculpture

The Henley ‘Ama’ Mermaid sculpture has now been kindly gifted to Henley Town Council by the Noor Foundation, the original owners.

Today we are launching a Crowdfunding campaign to raise £1300 to pay for her re-installation on Red Lion lawn after she was pushed into the river in November 2017. Help us to get her back in her rightful place back by the river.  It would only take 130 residents to just pledge £10 each to bring her back.  Do you #lovehenleymermaid?

The statue was installed in June 2013 and was one of 20 statues around the world. The Henley mermaid was the only one in England and became one of Henley’s tourist attractions.

The 6ft 6 bronze sculpture was made by Amaryllis Batallie and the original agreement was that the mermaid sculpture was loaned to Henley Town Council and would be sold after 3-5 years and the money given to charity and a new similar sculpture would be offered. Ama is the name given to Japanese women divers who collect pearls.

After the vandalism of the statue, the Noor Foundation expressed a preference last June for the Town Council to buy the statue instead of selling it to a potential buyer for a reduced price of EUR 10,000 (circa £8,800). The owner indicated that they needed to suspend the statue project for personal reasons. An anonymous donor has agreed to cover the cost of salvaging the statue from the river.

Councillor Sam Evans who was instrumental in getting the mermaid installed in Henley in the first place said “By donating to this cause you’ll have a sense of ownership of the only Ama of the Thames, one of the treasures of Henley.”

To donate go to https://www.gofundme.com/dip-into-your-pocket-for-henley-mermaid



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  1. W Tilbury says:

    Once the crowd funding is complete, where is the Mermaid Statue to be sited. Putting it back on Red Lion Lawn is rather rediculous, as it cannot be seen and admired by passersbyit should be near the River possibly Mill Meadows


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